The Melges 40 Is Here

The Melges 40 Is Here

The Melges 40™ is the largest, fastest and only canting keel sailboat ever offered by Melges Performance Sailboats (MPS), designed by Botin Partners Naval Architecture and built by Premier Composite Technologies (PCT). With great confidence, it confirms the continued success of a wide and diversified family of sailboat products. True to its original vision of ‘pure one-design’ racing, the Melges 40 is the perfect combination of absolute performance and innovation.

Over the last several months, Melges has embarked on a journey by which more collaboration with the best owners, sailors, teams and yacht clubs have taken place, all in the interest of re-defining the best and highest level of windward/leeward one-design racing.

Brought to life through the skilled and creative talents of Marcelino Botin and Adolfo Carrau, the Melges 40 represents the first Melges keelboat built entirely of carbon material. The design rests solid upon the laurels of Premier as it is the world leader in composite material technology.

The Melges 40 has completed its sea trials in Dubai with Melges Performance Sailboats and Premier Composite Technologies experts on hand. Boat no. 1, owned by Melges Premier Performance (MPP), has been used for further overall product development including fine tuning systems in an effort to finalize one-design Class Rules. View Video On Facebook.

Currently, new Melges 40 owners Valentin Zavadnikov of Team Synergy, Richard Goransson’s Inga From Sweden and Alessandro Rombelli’s STIG are sailing it for the first time. They will also attend the Melges 40 launch party happening at the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club.

Special thanks goes to all the technical partners: North Sails, Gottifredi Maffioli, Cariboni, Southern Spars, Harken, Protect Tapes and Helly Hansen.

A website and digital Melges 40 presentation can be found online at

Downloadable PDFs that contain specifications and a sail plan are all available. The Melges 40 can also be found on a number of social media channels such as FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube. Be sure to LIKE and follow the Melges 40. You may also Sign-Up to Receive Melges 40 News Updates, Press Releases and event announcements.

The Future Has Arrived — Melges Performance Sailboats Presents the RE-Volutionary Melges 40

Introducing the Melges 40… Designed by Botin Partners Naval Architecture, built by Premier Composite Technologies

(28 April 2016 / Zenda, WI) - Melges Performance Sailboats (MPS) is proud to introduce the brand new Melges 40™, designed by the extremely talented Botin Partners Naval Architecture and built by Premier Composite Technologies (PCT). This dynamic collaboration has created a one-of-a-kind, exciting, innovative-racing experience.

“We are thrilled to present the Melges 40, which will open the doors to a bright new future in the world of monohull, one-design, in-shore racing,” said Harry Melges, CEO of Melges Performance Sailboats. “We’ve always believed that one-design racing is sailing’s greatest strength, as it feeds all other aspects of the sport. We are excited about the Melges 40 because it will inspire and encourage sailors all over the world, regardless of age, gender or experience to have fun and enjoy sailing.”

“Fundamentally, it best represents our core values and philosophy,” said Federico Michetti, president of Melges Europe. “We’ve taken it to a whole new level by collaborating with the most visionary and award-winning yacht designer of the last decade, and one of the world’s best boat builders.”

“For years, customers and top teams alike approached us demanding a unique package that featured full-carbon technology — sculpted performance from bow to stern,” explained Michetti. “The Melges 40 is a very special boat in that it’s the culmination of input from our best customers, owners and respected professional sailors, which is built within class rule and where the focus has been set to contain overall running cost. They asked for something that is 100% Melges concept — a boat that embodies the extraordinary. ”

Botin jumped at the chance to design Melges’ largest boat ever made to date. “Melges is a pure sailing legend, and this was an opportunity for us to design something very new and different,” said Marcelino Botin. “The design compliments the Melges brand, and upholds their top-quality ideals. With respect to their philosophy, we proposed a design that adopts and introduces new features and concepts. The Melges 40 creates a new benchmark for performance in the 40-foot range.”

“For sure the Melges 40 is a new starting point in the sailing world,” said Max Waimer, Head of Marine and Technical Director at Premier Composite Technologies. “We share the same passion as Melges and Botin for creating not only a exceptional boat, but a very new, competitive racing experience. We truly have a common vision. The additional input from customers has made a big difference too. We put all of our production expertise and technology into the Melges 40.”

“Utilizing our in-house, 5-axis milling capacity, rigorous quality control and weight management, the Melges 40 is the most precise, one design ever built,” he added.

Premier Composite Technologies is the exclusive builder of the Melges 40.

A canting keel and large sail plan aboard the Melges 40 increases upwind performance and creates a dramatically faster, thrilling downwind run. It will be unmistakably fun to drive, a real thoroughbred.

Already, top international owners and teams have committed to the Melges 40 program in full anticipation of sailing by Fall 2016. The very first Melges 40 World Series event will take place in 2017.

A website and digital presentation can be found online at Downloadable PDFs that contain specifications and a sail plan are all available. The Melges 40 can also be found on a number of social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Be sure to LIKE and follow the Melges 40. You may also Sign-Up to Received Melges 40 News Updates and Press Releases, and event announcements.